The Antivouniotissa Museum

The building complex dedicated to the Most Blessed Virgin – Our Lady of Antivouniotissa (“Kyrá Antivouniótissa”) is one of the city’s oldest and richest ecclesiastical monuments. Located in the heart of the historic center of Corfu in the area of Campiello, it is accessible both from Pros-forou Street as well as from the monumental “skalináda” (flight of steps) that starts from Arseniou Street, which is today a coastal road lying atop the now-demolished north-ern sea walls of the city known as the “Mouráyia”. The name “Antivouniotissa” comes from a toponym, indicating the church’s location on the hill called “Antivoúni”. It lies opposite the neighboring hill of Ovriovoúni, the area where the Jews had initially settled before the creation of the Jewish quarter on the outskirts of the New Fortress in the late sixteenth century. We do not know whether the church was dedicated to the Virgin from the outset, something about which we may conjecture from the presence of an overpainted wall painting with a representation of Christ Pantocrator on the right side of the templon. In Corfu, the icon of the saint to whom a church is dedicated is normally placed in this position. However, from very early on the church must have been dedicated to the Virgin, and to the Theotokos ton Epilochíon (Virgin of confinement), a feast day honored by the Orthodox Church on December 26 with the name “Synaxis of the Virgin”. This is also shown by the traditional liturgy held in the church on this day, and the antimension (see pp. 270-1).


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